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Stipple engraving by James Denison-Pender on two sheets of
optical crystal, each engraved on both sides, mounted in an
aluminium frame on a stainless steel base.

Height 25cm, width 15cm.

The engraving is the result of a walking holiday taken by the
engraver and his wife in the Indian foothills of the Himalayas.
The subject is taken from Kim's encounter with the Woman of
Shamlegh at the end of Kipling's novel.

'I am the Woman of Shamlegh, and I hold from the Rajah. I
am no common bearer of babes.
Shamlegh is thine: hoof and horn and hide, milk and butter.
Take of leave.'

'How can a man follow the Way or the Great Game when he is
eternally pestered by women?'
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