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Stipple engraving by James Denison-Pender on a Royal
Leerdam goblet.

Height 15.5cm, diameter 9cm.

Sea Drift is the title of a composition by Delius setting part of a
poem by Walt Witman. In the poem Whitman describes a boy
on the beach observing the lamentations of a male bird which
has lost its mate. The engraving transposes the scene from Long
Island to the Mediterranean. The bird described in the poem is
apparently a mockingbird, but every note of Delius's music
evokes the sea, and so the engraving depicts it as a gull.

"I, with bare feet, a child,
the wind wafting my hair,

Listen'd long and long.
Listen'd to keep, to sing,
now translating the notes,
Following you my brother.

Soothe! soothe! soothe!
Close on its waves
soothes the wave behind,
And again another behind
embracing and lapping,
every one close.
But my love soothes not me,

soothes not me."

The goblet is engraved on the inside and outside of the front
and back surfaces.
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